Observation Source Document Information in the 2/27/2023 Version of the Database

Abbreviation  Document  Comment 
ARB2003  The File: Original Arastradero Preserve bird list from K Cotter via email.doc  Bird list extracted from email to D. Smith from K. Cotter of 3/16/2003 
ARF2003  The File: Arastradero Preserve original plant list 2002-2003 from Acterra.xls  Spreadsheet of flora for Arastradero Preserve from J. Myers at Acterra received 3/12/2003 
ARMD80  "Amphibians and Reptiles of Mt. Diablo"  S. Ruth, et al., Mt. Diablo Interpretive Association (Fall 1980) 
BMD92  "Field-Checklist Birds of Mount Diablo Rev. No. 4"  P. Gordon and K. Hintsa, Mt. Diablo Interpretive Assn. (Fall 1992) 
BYSB01WH  The File: B. Yang & S. Buckhout Windy Hill Flora List.xls  Spreadsheet from B. Yang & S. Buckhout of historical observations of flora at Windy Hill titled "A Partial Flora of Windy Hill Open Space Preserve" 
Calflora  Calflora Collections  Observations taken from Calflora website http://www.calflora.org/ 
CASP2004  Spreadsheet files from P. Gilbert  Extracts from the California State Parks natural resource database 
CMR-2003  The File: Coal Mine Ridge Flora for NRDB Loading.xls  Extracted from T. Corelli document titled "Coalmine Ridge 3/97" 
DB01  The File: D. Brusco - Birds at Edgewood Rec'd 4-28-2001.xls  Spreadsheet from D. Brusco of personal observations of Edgewood birds received 4/28/2001 updated 4/29/2001 
DERBirds  Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Bird Checklist  Publication dated "Update 8/25/01," received March, 2003 from S. Reynolds, an intern at the Refuge; includes common mammals, herps, and butterflies 
DG401  The File: D. Geher New SJH and PI Flora - Rec'd 4-2001.xls  Spreadsheet from D. Gehrer with new St. Joseph's Hill and Picchetti Ranch observations received 4/2001 
DHS  Dennis H. Smith - personal observations  Paper records in Midpeninsula Open Space District files 
Djam  The File: McClellan Ranch Park birds for NRDB loading.xls  Deborah Jamison - email of 11/13/2006 listing McClellan Ranch Park bird observations 
DLS  Electronically-transmitted files from Doreen L. Smith, Marin County Chapter CNPS  Files available as originals and spreadsheets for each preserve 
DLSP  Paper files sent by Doreen L Smith, Marin County Chapter CNPS  Data available as spreadsheets from DH Smith after scanning and revision 
DM-6-2003  The File: D Mayall lists - 6 SCV preserves.xls  Spreadsheet from D. Mayall, Santa Clara Valley CNPS 
DWT2004  The File: Original D Taylor Nisene Marks Plant list.pdf  Document extracted from email to D. Smith from Dean Wm. Taylor of 12/5/2004 
DWT2006  The File: Mt Madonna County Park Flora from Dean Wm Taylor for NRDB Loading.xls  Spreadsheet developed from email transmission to D. Smith from Dean Wm. Taylor of 11/9/2006 
Email  Emails from NRDB or personal observations archived on D. Smith's computer  Email NRDB and other reports of new observations 
ERTTER02  The Book "The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo California", B. Ertter and M.L. Bowman  Published by the California Native Plant Society, Copyright 2002 
ES1998  A Species List for Elkhorn Slough and Adjacent Uplands  Downloaded 8-26-2005 from Web site http://montereybay.nos.noaa.gov/research/techreports/elkspecies.html 
ES2002  The publication "Birds of Elkhorn Slough"  Checklist updated 2002 by R. Fournier, et al., produced by the Elkhorn Slough Foundation 
ESF2003  Lists from Elkhorn Slough Foundation Web site  Obtained March 3, 2003 from Web site at http://www.elkhornslough.org/ 
ESF2004  The book "Changes in a California Estuary: A Profile of Elkhorn Slough"  Received October, 2004; Published by the Elkhorn Slough Foundation Copyright 2002 
FTO2003  The file: Fort Ord Flora from D Styer update 5-01-2003.doc  Vascular Plants of Fort Ord: California Native Plant Society 9/23/96 Updated 5/1/2003 and 7/28/2003 
FTOB2003  The Files: Fort Ord Bird List from D Styer - Updated 2-2003.doc and Fort Ord Birds - for NRDB loading.xls  Document extracted from email "THE BIRDS OF FORT ORD EAST OF ROUTE 1: Revised 18 Feb 03", David Styer 
GGNRA2006  The file: GOGA_PlantList Final 3-2006 Flora.xls  Final certified list from D. Press, GGNRA 
HWC2003  Species lists from Henry W. Coe Web site  Bird and plant lists downloaded March 7, 2003 from http://www.coepark.org 
HWC2005  Flora species list from Henry W. Coe Web site  Downloaded 1/13/2005 from http://www.coepark.org 
JI  Jodi Isaacs - personal observations  Paper records in Midpeninsula Open Space District files 
MCCNPS  The Web site http://www.marin.cc.ca.us/cnps/  Marin Chapter of the California Native Plant Society; data downloaded from http://www.marin.cc.ca.us/cnps/ late 2004, early 2005, 3-2006 
MCOSD  Spreadsheet files of fauna  Marin County Open Space District files from David Herlocker, Interpretive Naturalist 
MDIA2003  The Web site http://www.mdia.org/  Mount Diablo Interpretive Association, flora lists downloaded August, 2003 
MITT93  "Mitteldorf Preserve - update 1993" by Robert Hale  Document received from S. Danner at Big Sur Land Trust, April 2003 
MMD88  "Mammals of Mount Diablo"  J. Pelonio, Mt. Diablo Interpretive Association (1988); available from Mount Diablo interpretive centers 
MoCCNPS  Spreadsheet files contributed by Jim Pittman, Monterey County Chapter CNPS  Edited versions of the original spreadsheets available from D. Smith 
MPRPD  The Web site http://www.mprpd.org/index.htm  Monerey Peninsula Regional Park District Web site 
MROSD99  The File: Original spreadsheet from Jodi Isaacs-invplant.xls  Spreadsheet from Jodi Isaacs of scanned-in documents on species/preserves occurrences 
MROSDNN  Spreadsheet of recent survey of non-native plants  See documentation for further information 
MROSDP  MROSD Paper files by Preserve  Historical records from Midpeninsula Open Space District files 
MTIA  The Web site http://www.mttam.net/  Mount Tamalpais Interpretive Association, see http://www.mttam.net/ 
NRDBP  NRDB paper files maintained by D. Smith  Paper files for observations on non-MROSD preserves 
PC93  1993 MROSD Fish and Wildlife compilation  Patrick Congdon's 1993 summary document 
PINN2003  Pinnacles Web site at http://www.nps.gov/pinn/  Data downloaded from Web species lists 4/8/2003 
POST-6/03  The File: Cloverdale and Bolsa Pt. flora for NRDB loading .xls  Spreadsheet received from H. O'Hara @ POST 6/3/2003 
POST-9/03  The Files: [Bolsa Point Ranches] [Driscoll Ranch] [Johnston Ranch] .xls  Original pdf and jpeg files received from H. O'Hara @ POST 9/19/03 
POST-9/03a  The File: New Cloverdale flora from 9-19-2003 email for NRDB Loading.xls  Spreadsheet of 9/19/2003 email from N. Kramer with new Cloverdale Ranch flora 
PWMP2003  "Peninsula Watershed Management Plan; Final Draft Environmental Impact Report," 2/19/03  See Web site at http://sfwater.org/index.aspx; document no longer available on web site 
Question    Requires checking the MROSD files for assignment 
RS2000  MROSD Amphibian Survey 2000  R. Seymour and M. Westphal, 'MROSD Amphibian Survey 2000': "Results of a one-year survey…" 
RS99  The File: J Isaacs 12-23-99 RepAmpinv.xls  Spreadsheet from J. Isaacs derived from Rich Seymour's 1999 Rept/Amph survey 
SBBY01RSA  The File: B. Yang & S. Buckhout Rancho San Antonio Flora List.xls  Spreadsheet from S. Buckhout & B. Yang of historical observations of flora at Ranch San Antonio titled "Prepared by Stephen Buckhout and Baoshun Yang" 
SCC2004  Coyote Lake - Harvey Bear Ranch Master Plan  See http://www.sccgov.org/sites/parks/Future%20Plans%20Here/Pages/Coyote-Lake-Harvey-Bear-Ranch-Master-Plan.aspx 
SCCOSA-BTC  Appendix A of "Interim Site Development Plan: Boccardo Trail Corridor - Milpitas Berryessa Study Area"  Santa Clara County Open Space Authority report on the Boccardo Trail Corridor 
SCVCNPS  Short Title List of Plant Lists on File  Santa Clara Valley Section of the California Native Plants Society - Plant Lists no longer available at http://www.stanford.edu/~rawlings/blazcon.htm; see http://www.cnps-scv.org/ for mian web site 
SFPUC  The Thesis "The Taxonomy and Ecology of the Flora of the San Francisco Watershed Reserve", G.T. Oberlander, February, 1953; the Report "An Annotated List (w/ Illustrations) of the Trees and Shrubs of the S. F. Watershed Reserve," C. Rickard, June 6, 1989  Thesis and Report in library at SFPUC office in Millbrae, California 
SH9194  The Diary: S. Hooper's personal observations '91-'94  Stan Hooper, personal diary titled "Coast Range Nature Observations: June, '91 - August, '94" 
SH9401  The Diary: S. Hooper's personal observations '94-'01  Stan Hooper, personal diary, untitled, 9-11-94 - 4-19-01 
SMC  San Mateo County Web Site  See http://www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/portal/site/parks/ 
SMC2002  The Web site http://www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/vgn/images/portal/cit_609/12511036Smcp_final.pdf  Document titled "San Mateo County Parks Vegetation Resources", Rana Creek Habitat Restoration (2002); available as file with same name; also includes fauna survey data 
SonomaSt  Sonoma State University - Fairfield Osborn Web site  See Web site at http://www.sonoma.edu/org/preserve/default 
Spreads  Spreadsheet files on D. Smith's computer  Electronic files of observations from on-line or other electronic sources - no paper record 
TC-BH2003  The File: BH Flora-edited version of T Corelli for NRDB Loading.xls  Spreadsheet of Bean Hollow flora obtained from T. Corelli October, 2003 
TC2003  The File: Edited Edgewood booklet from T Corelli via B Korbholz.xls  9/22 Spreadsheet of 2003 edition of T. Corelli's compilation of flora at Edgewood 
TC2007  The File: Jasper Ridge Flora from T Corelli 3-19-2008-edited for NRDB Loading.xls  Spreadsheet of Jasper Ridge Flora as of 2/2/2008, emailed to D. Smith from T. Corelli 
TC2008  The File: T Corelli New San Mateo Coast NRDB data.xls  Spreadsheet of additional data for San Mateo County preserves, received from T. Corelli 10/2008 
TC2011  The File: New SM County Preserve Data from T Corelli 11-8-2011.xls  Spreadsheet of flora lists from additional San Mateo and Santa Clara County Parks and Preserves 
TCRCDO2007  Email message  Email from T. Cochrane of 1/28/2007 with Rancho Canada del Oro bird list 
TomC2003  The File: Henry W Coe flora from T Cochrane for DB Loading.xls  Extracted from T. Cochrane's Web site (lists no longer available) (http://community-2.webtv.net/trailtraveller/) 5/29/2003 
WS2003  The File: DE - Warm Springs flora and fauna - original.doc  Document extracted from email to D. Smith from S. Reynolds of 3/17/2003