The NRDB is a compilation of observations of flora and fauna made at open space and nature preserves in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The database can be searched for available data on flora, mammals, birds, and reptiles-amphibians-fishes seen at one or more preserves.

How to Use the NRDB

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NRDB Release of June, 2017
Statistics Species: 4,021; Preserves: 238; Sightings: 82,893.
Leona Canyon
East Bay Regional Park District
What's New New NRDB Server. The NRDB has been ported to a new hosting service and database management system. Many changes to the software were required to make this transition. If you encounter any errors while using the NRDB, please report them immediately. Send an email to, copying Please include as much detailed information as you can describing the error messages and what you were doing when the error occurred.

Nomenclature. Flora species nomenclature has been updated to reflect the changes made in updates to The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, Second Edition, Supplement I ( and Supplement II ( Further, common names have been reviewed and priority given to those used by Jepson.
New Preserves

There is 1 new park in this release.

1.   Quarry Park (San Mateo County Park) (birds, flora, mammals)
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All search results (except Checklist Search results) now include a button to view the search results as a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel.